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Numerology Report


Numerology Report lets you know about the significance of numbers in your life! This report, based on your birth details, gives numerology based predictions on your life and personality. It can help you succeed in your various activities in life too. It finds out the numbers significant to you such as your Lucky Number and gives the guidelines for improving your effectiveness and fortune.

1. Analysis Report:

  • Numerological Analysis of Name and Date of Birth

    • Name Number (Nama Sankhya)
    • Compound Name Number (Samyuktha Nama Sankhya)
    • Birth Number (Janma Sankhya)
    • Fate Number (Vidhi Sankhya)
    • Compound Fate Number (Samyuktha Vidhi Sankhya)
  • Effect of Birth Number and Ruling Planet

  • Effect of Birth Number and Name Number
  • The Effect of Fate Number and Compound Fate Number

  • The Effect of Name Number and Compound Name Number on

    • Married Life
    • Health
    • Profession
    • Remedies
  • Harmony of Numbers

  • Compatibility with Others
  • Favourable Colours
  • Music
  • Favourable Directions
  • Prayers and Mental Tuning

2. Best Days/ Favourable Days for 20 Life Areas: Entertainment, Travel. Leisure, Business Contracts, Investment/Finance, Property Deailings, Legal Matters, New Venture, Vaccation, New Job, Health Checkup, Medical Treatment, Surgery, Group Activities, Visiting Friends/Relatives, Social Work, Lottery/Speculation, Romance, Wedding and Divorce.

3. Forecast for next 1 month

4. Name Tuning

Number of Pages: Upto 40 Pages

Reports are available in following languages: हिन्दी,  English,  తెలుగు,  मराठी,  தமிழ்,  ಕನ್ನಡ,  മലയാളം,  বাংলা,  ଓଡିଆ



Disclaimer: These are software generated reports, based on traditional ancient Indian texts. The software has been created with help and advice from astrologers with more than 35 years experience. For any personal recommendation/ consultation please raise your query in the ‘ASK ANY QUESTION‘ section.

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