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Gemstone Recommendation Report


Gemstones are nature’s creations that have some special mystical properties. They can help in improving the positive influence or preventing the negative influence of planets on your life.

Gemstone report gives remedial measures for issues caused by bad placement of planets in your horoscope. From ancient times scholars have associated gems with planets, based on the colour and the effect that is produced by wearing the same. Not only the Indians but Chinese and Egyptians believed in the mystical and therapeutic qualities of gem stones. The science of gems and astrology is now brought closer to the common man as a result of the research work done

Gem Report studies your birth chart & dasa periods thoroughly to suggest the gemstones you should wear. The report recommends specific gemstones as solutions to the specific obstacles in your life. It also includes the guidelines in choosing and wearing the gemstones for the best results.

  • Gemstones as remedies to the obstacles in life

  • Suggests gemstones by studying your birth chart
  • Solutions for specific obstacles/problems in life
  • Gemstones for prosperity
  • Guidelines for choosing a gemstone.

Note: Gem selection is made after a careful analysis of the lorships of houses and strength of planets. ‘Anukul-graha’ (favourable planet) selection system is applied to find the most beneficial gem for the horoscope.



Disclaimer: These are software generated reports, based on traditional ancient Indian texts. The software has been created with help and advice from astrologers with more than 35 years experience. For any personal recommendation/ consultation please raise your query in the ‘ASK ANY QUESTION‘ section.

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